Anaheim City Council: Make the Angel Stadium Investigation Report Public & VOTE YES on Agenda Item #3 [update below]

On November 15th, the Anaheim City Council will decide if it wants to make the internal corruption investigation regarding the Angel Stadium public for residents to see and access. Anaheim is currently the epicenter of economic and political corruption. Corporations and business special interests have donated millions of dollars to create a city council that lacks transparency, accountability, and favors corporations over its working class residents and families. Add your name below and demand Anaheim City Council vote YES on agenda item #3 to make the angel stadium investigation report public once it is finished. 

[Campaign Update as of Nov. 16, 2022]

The city council unanimously voted to approve Agenda item #3 guaranteeing the public's right to inspect and review the report of the internal investigation regarding the angel stadium deal. This internal investigation is being led by the law firm JL GROUP and retired judge Clay Smith. The findings will be published into a report that will be delivered to Theresa Bass, Anaheim's current city clerk. This report is expected to be completed by Spring of 2023. OCCORD will be keeping a close watch on any updates regarding the investigation, and we encourage everyone to learn more about this and what it means for Anaheim residents. Continue to ADD YOUR NAME BELOW. 

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