Campaigns & Projects

OCCORD brings together residents, workers, and organizational stakeholders to ensure that economic development in Orange County benefits everyone. Expanding the Electorate through Citizenship

Expanding the Electorate through Citizenship

To encourage full participation in the democratic process, OCCORD's Citizenship Program empowers residents of Orange County through citizenship assistance, voter registration, and leadership development.

Equity for All in Santa Ana

OCCORD works through the coalitions Santa Ana Collaborative for Organized Development (SACReD) and Santa Ana Building Healthy Communities (SABHC) to empower Santa Ana residents to participate in city decision-making processes and have a stronger voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

Voting Rights in Anaheim

OCCORD is committed to an equal voice for every neighborhood in Anaheim. We led a successful campaign to adopt a district-based election system in order to a build a more responsive, accountable government.

Muslim Latino Collaborative

The MLC’s goal is to support and unify both communities and to build nonpartisan political power and solidarity.