Jorge Hermosillo

Jorge is one of OCCORD’s Citizenship Coordinators for the Citizenship Program. Jorge was born in a small town in Western Kansas before moving to Southern California in early June 2016. While living in Kansas, Jorge was volunteering for a battered women’s shelter, One Struggle KC/Una Lucha KC (which advocated for racial equity), and a local food banks before moving. Soon after arriving to California, Jorge started volunteering for OCCORD by assisting applicants in completing the Naturalization form. Through his hard work, dedication and innovative ideas at the Naturalization Fairs, he was able to establish a good rapport with the OCCORD staff and after volunteering for a year, Jorge joined the Citizenship Team in September 2017. He now helps recruit applicants, volunteers, designs floor plans and started up the Internship Program at OCCORD. Jorge has a wide spectrum of interests like horticulture, musical composition, cosmology, fiber arts, and art history.