Mariana Angeles

Community Organizer

Mariana's experience volunteering for the community dates back to when she was cleaning houses. She heard about OCCORD around 2007 when the Platinum Triangle Campaign started, and she began her journey with OCCORD during 2020/21, helping Latinos register for COVID-19 and get vaccinated. Mariana now works with OCCORD helping community members recognize their power, and using their voice to enact change! She is also a fan of Santa Ana delicious street tacos. "Ver la participación cada vez más grande de nuestras comunidad latina, estamos saliendo de las sombras, dejando el miedo y alzando la voz en este país. I'm not afraid of anything! What will happen, will happen, but I will not sit around and be patient for change to come. I know I can take immediate action by empower residents in my community to take action."