Marisol Ramirez

Director of Programs & Development

Marisol was born and raised in West Anaheim. She began her involvement in community advocacy as a senior in high school to address the needs of under-resourced neighborhoods like the ones she was raised in. This led to the several campaigns she worked on in Anaheim tackling issues on housing, tenants rights, good jobs, policy education and voter registration. As former staff of OCCORD, Marisol served as a Community Organizer from 2014-2017 and was recognized as “The People’s Organizer” in 2016 by the OC Weekly. She also served on the Board of Directors leading as the only community and youth representative voice for the organization at the time. She rejoined OCCORD in a new role as Director of Programs early Fall of 2021. Marisol also serves as Chair of Board of Directors at Latino Health Access and is the current President of the Anaheim Democratic Club. "What excites me about fulfilling my mission is the impact work that will remain post my existence. Early on in my youth I knew I wanted to be a change-maker and in gratitude, my immigrant parents instilled the confidence in me to always speak up for myself and others. What ignites my fire are the small victories along the way when we see the power in unity and collective power within our community. As we address local issues, we push for policies at a macro level to alleviate issues on a micro level for people to feel the changes. Community advocacy work is very personal, I'm indebted to residents and that’s who I feel accountable to. In them, I see my mom, my dad, my family and my friends. Being in a position to help people progress and lead better lives, however they visualize that for themselves, is what motivates me."