Rosaisela López Cienfuegos

Citizenship Lead Coordinator, DOJ Partially Accredited

Rosaisela is a Former Community Organizer at OCCORD, her passion lies in helping people become responsible residents within their community in the city of Anaheim. Helping people become informed and civically responsible has been part of her life since She lived in her hometown of Tepic, Nayarit, helping presidential campaigns and other volunteer work in local government in 1996. This experience taught her that people can bring about great change within their local government by getting involved via volunteer work. Years later, when she immigrated to the United States, she began working as a banquet server in a Local Hotel. After years of working as a banquet server and growing tired of the injustices she would see in her workplace, she became involved with the Hotel labor union, Unite HERE! Local 11 and started volunteering as a committee member. Eventually, she joined Unite HERE! as an organizer and collected 6 years experience. Now, she is currently a Citizenship Lead Coordinator for the non-profit organization OCCORD, where she had worked for the last 11 years. she has been lucky to use her years of experience and her relocation to Anaheim in 2013 to help her fellow residents improve their quality of living in their own hometown. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, traveling, and making new friends. If you are ever invited to her house, make sure to bring Aguachile (camarones) and ceviche de pescado! "The fact that the community is the one that can make changes excites her. She loves contributing in helping people to become US citizens and if they vote, their voice and power is more effective! She loves to develop them as leaders in their community and contribute to the democracy in this country."