Abigail Espinosa

Operations Coordinator

Abigail Espinosa is OCCORD’s Operations Coordinator. She joined our team in 2015 to help contribute to a positive change in her community, especially those who are targeted, marginalized and oppressed. In addition to her goal of pushing for a positive impact, her priority is to set an example for her son. To show him that he is part of this community too; that he has the support and ability to make a difference too. Outside of OCCORD, Abi enjoys cooking, reading, advocating for mental health wellness, sewing, playing volleyball, breaking the cycles of intergenerational trauma, hiking, exploring new foods and new places as well as spending time with her son. "I learned about OCCORD through my volunteer work in local unions. Prior to joining, my family members and I would participate in some of OCCORD’s campaigns and citizenship fairs. I have always gravitated towards helping others, standing up for what is right and giving back; being a part of OCCORD’s mission made sense and felt natural to me. I wanted to contribute more to help elevate the voices of the people in OC and what better place to start than in my own community."