Press Releases

2/23/2023 - Anaheim City Council Urged to Fully Fund Internal Corruption Investigation

At the recent council meeting on February 7th, some members expressed concerns about the cost of the investigation, but OCCORD believes that the investigation is a critical first step in restoring the public's trust in their local government. The findings of this investigation will play a crucial role in uncovering the layers of corruption that have plagued the city for so long. OCCORD recommends revisiting a proposed 2% admissions tax on ticket sales for major entertainment venues, estimated to generate millions for the city's general fund annually. Join OCCORD, residents, and community leaders at 10 AM on February 27th in front of Anaheim City Hall as we call on the council to fully fund the investigation!

1/19/2016 - Anaheim City Council Ends Controversial Delay on Voting Districts

12/16/15 - Protests Shut Down Anaheim City Council After Delay on Voting Districts Map
Chanting protestors abruptly ended the Anaheim City Council meeting Tuesday after a vote that would delay implementing a key part of the city’s first municipal districting map. The Council voted 3-2 against a motion that would have asked its Advisory Committee on Electoral Districts to recommend the order in which each district would have its first election, after which the crowds erupted in shouts and chants of “The People’s Map” and “shut it down.” When protesters would not respond to the mayor's requests for order, he adjourned the meeting.

12/15/2015 - Public Outcry in Anaheim as City Council reneges on voting districts map unanimously recommended by Judges
Anaheim residents will offer a strong rebuke to Anaheim City Council Tuesday at a press conference just before the Council takes its final vote on the city's first voting districts map, which was unanimously recommended by the panel of five judges the Council had hired to select a map. Last week, three members of the Council voted against what Anaheim residents call "The People's Map," despite the Council's unanimous approval of the map in November.

11/4/2014 - Historic Ballot Win for Growing Immigrant Communities in Orange County
Anaheim, CA - Voters said "Yes" on November 4th to two measures here that will change the way city elections happen in the future. A coalition of local community, faith and labor groups mobilized a massive volunteer effort for measures L and M, including recruiting over 900 volunteer shifts since September that knocked on the doors of 27,000 voting households. More than 100 volunteers turned out voters on Election Day.

1/8/2014 - Press Conference Announcing Major Step Towards Local Voting Districts in Anaheim
Anaheim, CA - At Tuesday’s council closed session, Mayor Tom Tait and the Anaheim City Council are expected to agree a framework that will put the issue of district elections to voters on the November 2014 ballot.

7/29/2013 - Ruling on Anaheim Voting Lawsuit Expected Tomorrow
Anaheim, CA – An important procedural ruling is expected Tuesday, in a case filed by the ACLU and Anaheim community leaders over the city’s voting laws. The lawsuit, filed in June of last year, alleges that the city’s voting system violates the California Voting Rights Act by inherently discriminating against the city’s Latino residents.

7/23/2013 - As Anaheim City Council Set to Change Election System, Groups Protest Outside City Hall
Anaheim, CA - A group of Anaheim residents and activists will rally outside the gates of city hall on Tuesday, calling for real district elections as the Anaheim City council moves forward on its plan to enact a modified at-large voting system. Protestors will reissue their demand that the city allow voters to decide on district elections, a system they say would engender greater participation from groups that have been invisible in the political process and underserved by the city. The rally comes nearly a year after the city was rocked by riots in the aftermath of police shootings of two unarmed Hispanic men in Anaheim.

7/12/2013 - In The Shadow of Disneyland, 100s of Anaheim Residents Gather To Craft 'People's City Charter'
Anaheim, CA – On the eve of the one year anniversary of Anaheim’s July 2012 protests, a diverse group of over 100 Anaheim resident leaders are taking responsibility for their neighborhoods because they feel City Hall does not listen to their needs.

6/11/2013 - Anaheim Council Set To Consider Placing Districts On The Ballot
Anaheim, CA – On June 11th, 2013, Anaheim residents and community leaders will push the Anaheim City Council to adopt the recommendations of its Citizens Advisory Committee and specifically vote to place a referendum on the ballot that will allow Anaheim citizens to decide whether they want the Council elected by districts or by the current at-large system.

5/7/2013 - Anaheim Resident Leaders to Attend Final Meeting of Citizens Advisory Committee
Anaheim,CA – On May 9th 2013, a diverse group of Anaheim resident leaders are taking responsibility of their neighborhoods by pressing the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to commit to district elections and eight electoral seats.

2/7/2011 - The Rubber Stamp Process: New Research Documents Influence of Special Interests in Local Planning Decisions