Group Urges Contractors Not to Bid on Border Wall

Just days before the preliminary border wall bids are to be submitted,

More Than Forty Civil Rights, Immigration, Labor & Community Groups Urge Companies Not to Bid on Border Wall Contract

Groups call on companies to publicly commit not to profit from multi-billion dollar “symbol of racism & xenophobia”

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A Good Strategy for Downtown Inc. Isn’t Necessarily a Good Strategy for Santa Ana


Just because something is good for business doesn’t mean it’s good for the city.

On February 13, Downtown Inc.’s Ryan Smolar put forth their vision for Santa Ana in 2017. Downtown Inc. reflects on their successes in marketing and promoting Santa Ana as a destination for tourists, entrepreneurs, and investors, and sets out goals for stimulating the business climate in the city. It’s a business plan, but it’s presented as a collaborative civic vision for Santa Ana.

Some of this is understandable. A business group like Downtown Inc. is not a community group. They’re going to have different goals, a different vision, different metrics for success.

But while we respect that Downtown Inc’s vision is naturally business-focused, we can’t respect their claims that they want to address issues like homelessness or poverty in Santa Ana, or that they want to create a downtown with economic opportunity for all. Downtown Inc. has outlined a strategy in which new businesses and developers, tourists, and high-income transplants can thrive in Santa Ana. This strategy fails to address the needs of Santa Ana’s residents. And according to the same resources that Smolar cites in support, it is extremely likely to exacerbate homelessness and poverty in the city.

A key goal for Downtown Inc. is to “lead the development of a creative economy.” Smolar mentions urban scholars Jane Jacobs and Richard Florida as inspirations for Downtown Inc.’s community vision, and vaguely mentions “the latest books on ‘Smart Urbanism’” as guides. Yet research is very clear that Florida’s strategy of encouraging creative class economic clusters is economically beneficial primarily to the creative and professional class itself, and detrimental to blue-collar and service sector workers, who make up the majority of Santa Ana residents.



County’s First Year-Round Homeless Shelter Opens

Orange County’s first year-round homeless shelter and comprehensive services center opens today in Anaheim with beds for 100 men and women.



Santa Ana Picks Retired Pasadena City Manager for Interim Position

Santa Ana has hired Cynthia Kurtz, a retired Pasadena city manager, as its interim city manager, just two weeks after the City Council voted to remove Parks Director Gerardo Mouet as acting city manager and after Police Chief Carlos Rojas resigned. Click here to read the article.


Santa Ana Major Budget Shortfall

Immigrant contributions and the current political landscape

Immigrant contributions and the current political landscape

Watch OCCORD Executive Director Shakeel Syed's keynote speech at Fullerton College's 2nd Annual Undocumented Student Conference. 


It's Time for District Elections in Santa Ana

May Day rallies in Orange County

LAPD Arrests 35 at ICE demonstration.

Religious Leaders Arrested at ICE protest